Friday, 24 August 2018

Siblings Together Quilt Group Update August 2018

We're now heading towards the end of August and the second of the 2018 Siblings Together camps is in full swing. This post is fairly long but please stick with it to the end!!

This lovely report was posted on the charity's Facebook page.

We've had another successful year receiving donations of quilts, quilt tops and blocks. The donated tops needed quilting so over on Instagram we requested for volunteer quilters to step forward, and of course some wonderful ladies from this generous quilting community of ours put their hands in the air. They set to work quilting on domestic and long arm machines. Here are just a few of them.

Top donated by Sue Blake and quilted by Amanda Ashton in gold thread.
The centre panel of this quilt was donated by Sue Blake, the borders were added by Nicky Eglinton and it was quilted by Jane Ingham. A true team effort.
Top made by Carolyn Forster and quilted by Linda Phillips.
So, if you have a quilt top to donate but are unable to quilt it give us a shout and we'll try and match it up with one of our volunteer quilters. Alternatively if you are a quilter who would like to quilt a donated top let us know, we would love to add you to our merry band of quilters. Email address in side bar.

Here's a selection of more donated quilts.

A stunner by Sheila Williams. 

Beautiful flying geese by Janet Goddard.

A Lovely modern design by Jane.
A beauty made by the ladies of Bee 4.
A bright and beautiful quilt by Fiona Calvert

Another wonderful modern design, this time by Lynne.

For anyone with an Instagram account we are @siblingstogetherquiltgroup, there are lots more photos of the wonderful quilts there.

As with 2017 Nicky had the quilts sent to her home. The Siblings Together office is small with only three permanent part time office staff so it makes life much easier for them if the quilts are collected elsewhere so they can concentrate on their work.

This what a pile of 100 quilts looks like!
Back in June Mary Campbell, who is a volunteer worker for Siblings Together, came to Nicky's house to collect the quilts.

Careful Mary we don't want any quilt related injuries!

Mary reported that some of the children see as many as 30 changes of place before they leave care and the quilts are truly special as they are the only permanent thing in the children's lives. We still have a long way to go improve the lives of these children but giving a quilt seems to be a significant one!

Mary told the story of two brothers at one of the camps last year who had trouble reconnecting, but by the end of the camp they were best of friends - both under one quilt, bonding when they should have been sleeping!

This quilt was made by three young men with the help of the organisation Fine Cell Work which goes into prisons to help prisoners onto better lives. It is going to a care leaver with a baby.

Can you spot your quilt amongst the pile?
Mary and Nicky spent a good few hours talking about and looking at the quilts, they are all hugely appreciated and loved. The thanks of the charity go to everyone who has played a part in making them.

The following quote is taken from the Siblings Together (Charity) Facebook page.

 "I would love to thank the people that made my quilt. I love the colour and design and I honestly have fallen in love with it. It's very homely and comfy and I just want to say a massive thank you for bringing me something that makes me feel like home xx"

 Anyone reading this from the quilting community will know about the Festival of Quilts which was held a couple of weeks ago at the Birmingham NEC. This year The Quilt Room of Dorking, Surrey kindly agreed to collect donations of quilts, fabric, wadding etc. which they loaded into their van and brought south where Nicky collected them from the shop. Enormous thanks go to Pam and Nicky of The Quilt room for supporting us. When you've finished reading this why not head along to the Quilt Room web site, Pam and Nicky Lintott are the authors of a range of quilting books with beautiful patterns for making quilts from Jelly Rolls and Pre-cuts, ideal for your next Siblings Together quilt !! They sell a beautiful range of fabric too.

The donations were loaded into Nicky's car and piled onto the dining room table. I expect great fun will be had sorting through them all!

May we again thank Prinfab for supplying us with our quilt labels. If you would like one please email the address in the sidebar.

Again many many thanks to everyone who has contributed in so many different ways. It really does help to make a difference to the comfort of the lives of the children supported by Siblings Together.

Thanks very much for reading to the end!

Saturday, 28 April 2018

Lets get quilting for the Siblings Together Camps 2018.

It's incredible to think that we're fast approaching the 2018 Siblings Together camps and there are lots of quilters busying away making quilts to gift to the children attending the camps.

Jenny has been busy putting together, and quilting, a quilt made from blocks donated by a group who met at the Thread House Retreat. These ladies have formed a bee which will now be making group quilts for Siblings Together. What a wonderful way to keep in contact with new friends made at the retreat.

The blocks which make up the quilt below were generously donated by Carolyn Forster and Jen kindly volunteered to work her magic and turn and them into a beautiful quilt. 

She is now busy with the quilting using a combination of hand and machine quilting.

Jen has also been busy putting together a bright and cheerful quilt from blocks made by members of Siblings Together Bee 1.

Maria is also a member of bee 1 and has been quilting her bee quilt. Her next Siblings Together quilt is on the design wall above the machine.

Although she's still ploughing away quilting the bee quilt she has already put together the second quilt which is next in line for quilting.

If you would like a label for your quilt, kindly sponsored by Prinfab, please email the address in the side bar and we will put you in contact Catherine who will send you one.

In July Siblings Together are hosting a creative retreat for careleavers and we are hoping to provide this group with their own quilts too. The siblings camps are in August and the October half term. Nicky is kindly collecting quilts until the end of June, if you have a quilt to send before then please contact her via her blog or email the address in the side bar for her address.

Any quilts that are ready to send after the end of June can be sent directly to Siblings Together.

We would love to see and share your Siblings Together quilt so please do feel free to send a photo and tell us the story behind your quilt.

Happy Sewing!

Monday, 12 February 2018

Siblings Together Quilt Group - A Review of 2017.

2017 was another highly successful year for Siblings Together Quilt Group. With the help of lots of lovely quilters from both home and abroad we surpassed our aim of providing the Siblings Together charity with 100 quilts for the children they support.


The quilts are born in various ways! Some are made by individual quilters, others by quilt groups who get together to make their quilts. We have had quilt tops pieced by one person who passes it on to another who does the quilting.  We now have four 'bees' making quilts, with a fifth about to start. The bees are groups of quilters who each make a block or blocks every month, these are then sent to the months 'bee mama' who makes a quilt from the donated blocks. Many thanks go to Jenny who has taken on the task of co-ordinating the bees.
We have also been contacted by the charity "Fine Cell Work" who work with prisoners teaching them to sew and ultimately sell their work, as one of them would like to make a quilt for Siblings Together. We can only guess at what may have happened in this person's life that has lead them to want to support Siblings Together.

A selection of quilts made by Bee 1.

Siblings Together Quilt Group our now are own little community of quilters working together to provide these children, who have had a rough start in their lives, with a warm comforting hug in the form of their very own quilt which we all hope will remind them of precious time spent with their siblings. The quote below is from the Siblings Together Facebook page

More quilts made by Bee 1, special thanks to Mark for his quilt holding skills.

Quilts made by the ladies of Bee 2.

This beautiful quilt was donated by the ladies of bee Blessed from Ireland.

The quilt top right was made from fabric purchased with money donated my Maria's parents who asked guests at their Golden Wedding celebrations for money to put towards  Siblings Together quilts rather than gifts . There are still enough funds to make more quilts for 2018.

In 2017 Nicky made some wonderful quilts from donated blocks as part of her 'block drive'. She put out a call on Instagram requesting Shoo Fly and Courtyard Garden blocks, and of course lots of generous quilters answered by sending her many blocks. Here are some of the quilts Nicky made from the blocks. Nicky was helped with the quilting by Pippa, Terri and Carolyn on their 'longarm' quilting machines.


Nicky is again bravely going to take on a block drive for the 2018 campaign for 100 quilts for Siblings Together. These are computer mock ups of the quilts she is planning on making from her own design.

Gorgeous aren't they? If you would like to contribute please visit Nicky's blog here for details. If you are unable to commit to making a quilt these blocks are a great way of getting involved.

We've been very lucky to secure sponsorship for quilt labels over the last few years. Firstly we were sponsored by Spoonflower, and in 2017 and going forward to 2018 we are being generously sponsored by Prinfab. Many thanks to Catherine for securing the sponsorship and for sending out the labels. If you would like a label(s) please email us for Catherine's contact details and she will forward the label.

In previous years all the quilts have been sent directly to the Siblings Together office which is evidently a small space and so many quilts take up a lot of room. Nicky therefore offered to have some sent to her home where they took over her dining room!
Delma then collected them from Nicky and they spent a lovely evening admiring each and every one.

Nicky has offered to collect the quilts again this year and has asked that they be labelled and washed before sending. Contact Nicky via Instagram Direct Mail @nickyeglinton or email us at the address in side bar for her email. They will need to be with her by the end of June for the summer camps and the end of September for the October camp.

Siblings Together Quilts have been featured in Sewing World magazine in an article written By Kerry Green, and in an article in Quilt Now. A fantastic way to spread the word to the wider sewing community.

When we first started making the quilts for Siblings Together our aim was to supply enough quilts to for the siblings attending the three summer camps. In 2017, Delma (CEO of Siblings Together), was sent enough quilts that she was able to gift quilts to children at other events organised by the charity. She was recently able to give up to 45 quilts to children attending the charity's monthly activity days and reports that each and every one of the quilts were very warmly received.

Delma also gave some quilts to older care leavers as she hoped they would "assist their healing from their lives in care". The following words are from a recipient of a quilt.

“I know that the people who made this quilt for me did not realise what a powerful thing it was to do and receive.

It was fantastic to know and feel it was made with love but it was awesome to be validated after all this time. I spent all of my life in residential care where I was made to believe no one actually cared. I’m now 51 an the pain is still there.

I lost my sister in the system and later we were parted by death and it brings her close to me and we continue to wrap our arms around each other through love and comfort of that quilt.

Thank you will never seem enough, but thank you so much for the love you put into each and every one of the quilts you make”. 

If you would like to make a quilt it needs to be made from good quality 100% cotton quilting fabric and be suitable for a child age 7 - 17. The quilt colours/design can be for a boy, girl or suitable for either. We ask for a minimum size of 50" by 50".
We are always grateful to receive donations of backing fabric, wadding, offers to quilt a top, binding and lots of cheer leading!

Many thanks for reading to the end and for supporting Siblings Together quilts.
Here's to a successful, quilty 2018!

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Kate's Siblings Together Quilt Story.

 Kate Bennett is a wonderful supporter of Siblings Together quilts and today she tells us about two fabulous quilts she's made for this years camps.

"I have been making quilts for this lovely charity for a few years now. This year I decided to make two very similar ones with the thought that two siblings could find lots of fabrics that are in both quilts, yet they are different. I backed these with some interesting African fabrics that came from Zimbabwe. These were fun to make. I love scrap quilts as I think the owners can find something they haven't noticed before."

As I write the first of this years camps is taking place, I really do hope that the weather is better there than where I am in  East Anglia, however whatever the weather I'm sure the siblings are having a wonderful time together.

Sunday, 9 July 2017

Medallion quilt for Siblings Together

It's incredible to think that the 2017 Siblings Together camps are nearly here.
The dates are: 28th July - 5th August
                  18th - 26th August
                     20th - 28th October

Lots of lovely quilters have been, and still are, busying away making quilts for the children.

We would love to share lots of photos and stories about the quilts so if anyone has any stories to share please do let us know. A photo and a quick description of the quilt details will be fine.

Here is a quilt I've made.

The centre of the quilt is a block I made a few years ago and although I love it, it's been sat in a drawer so I decided to put it to good use as the centre of a medallion quilt.
Most of the square in a square blocks were kindly donated by my friend Fran  and I made a few more to make up the numbers. The piano keys border is such a quick and easy border which I've used a few times.

This picture is the back of the quilt. The square in a square blocks were made for a border for the front but I decided they weren't right so used them on the back instead. As all quilt makers know, fabric is expensive so although pieced backs take longer they are a great way of using scraps to make up a backing particularly for a charity quilt. They add some extra interest too. 

I hope a young lady will enjoy and find some comfort in this quilt.


Sunday, 28 May 2017

Siblings Together Quilts In Sewing World Magazine.

Exciting news. Siblings Together quilts have been featured in an article written my kerry Green in Sewing World Magazine.

This will be great way of speading the world to the wider sewing community which will hopefully lead to more quilts being donated.

Sewing World Magazine can be found on the following social media platforms:

Instagram: @sewingworldmag

Monday, 8 May 2017

Sheila's Greek Crosses Siblings Together Bee Quilt.


Today Sheila tells us about the splendid quilt she put together from blocks made by members of a Siblings Together Bee over on Instagram.

 I am in a lovely bee for siblings together and December was my month, I have this idea of doing a quilt to commemorate every holiday I go on. I have wanted one to remember my trip to Athens a few years ago. I will never forget going up to the Acropolis on a beautiful sunny day and see it in all its splendour.
What really struck me was the gorgeous blue sky and the creamy marble. It was a mental hop skip and jump to putting together a Greek cross block in creams and blues.

The lovely ladies from my bee and some other IG chums who weren't sent me a ton of blocks to put together.

Which gave me more than enough for one, so I might have to add a second one to my Q2 list!!

 Jo Avery of mybearpaw had written a blog post about a lovely quilt she's just finished for Siblings Together. It's a beauty, so pop over to her blog, mybearpaw, to admire it and perhaps be inspired.

Do you have a finished Siblings Together quilt that you think we may like to see and read about?
If so leave a comment and we will be in contact.