Friday, 31 March 2017

Star Bee Quilt.

Today Jen of Glinda quilts tells us about the quilt she made for Siblings Together from blocks made by the ladies of a quilting bee.

This is my 3rd year supporting the great work of this charity - and being part of a wonderful 'online' Quilt Bee. Each month - mine was January - the Queen Bee decides on a block and the other bees make it, send it to you and you make the quilt from them.

For the tutorial of my block, please see this post:

A simple design and I just asked the bees to make scrappy blocks in red, yellow, green, orange or blue. A big block - unfinished at 18.5" - and with 12 of us in the Bee, it was always going to finish a good size. Bridgid from Australia joins in too so when she and one of the bees sent me two blocks and a newbie follower on IG asked if she could make me one too, I ended up with 16! Aren't they all fabby?

I went to Simply Solids last week for a free motion quilting class with Charlo from Quiltification (what a small world; she's in the other Siblings Together Quilt Bee) and whilst I'm very comfortable and competent in stippling, the class gave me the confidence to try 'new shapes' and I immediately put it to use on this quilt:

And here it is in all its glory yesterday in the morning sunshine in Wales - finishing at 72" square, I think it will make a great quilt for an older child:

I kept the backing gender neutral - a fabby bargain from Fabric Guild - beautiful fabric and I also used the off cuts for the binding:


Thank you to all the kind and talented bees for their beautiful blocks.

Friday, 17 February 2017

The Siblings Together Menagerie of Quilts

The Siblings Together Bee 2 has been running a few years and although the membership has changed over that time the pleasure and fun of making as a group is just the same. Everyone involved has had the pleasure of seeing beautiful and unique  quilts wend their way off to the Siblings Together charity. We thought it would be fun to review the finished quilts over the last couple of years. There have been quite a few so we have divided these up into a couple of posts.

One of the many great things about making quilts for children is that matching seams, lost points etc etc which cause us quilters such heartache at times is to a child or young person completely irrelevant. Ok they don't want quilts that disintegrate the first time they are washed or have gaping seams but they do want quilts that have bright and cheery designs that have the less tangible but equally important sense that this has been made for them and with love. You can also indulge your sense of fun and worry less about modern design and originality!! So now for  a simply wonderful group of quilts of animals and birds that got made last year.

Judith of JustJudeDesigns asked for a hen block to be made. With the variety of fabrics a group of quilters can bring to a quilt you get the beautifully scrappy quilts which magically just blend together.

Next up was an appliqué owl quilt for Doti. Again a wonderful selection. Not all of us are as confident at appliqué as others (well that's probably just me...) but again the very nature of these quilts just mean they all have more character....

The same could apply to the wonderfully characterful hedgehogs that Ann had us making. In the haste to get this quilt off no picture was taken so you will have to do with pictures of my contributions. Yes I agree the one on the left looks as if it has enjoyed rather too many fermented  apples!!!

And last but certainly not least was Sally's request for the delightful Dog Gone Cute block from the very talented and generous Lorna McMahon of Sew Fresh Quilts. Lorna has designed many wonderful animal quilts and often has them as part of a quilt along so are free but also has a positive zoo in quilt form in her shop.

If you would like to make a quilt for Siblings Together please check out the "Important Information" page at the top of the blog.

Next time more quilts but no animals in the next batch...

Jenny - the lilac cat