Sunday, 9 July 2017

Medallion quilt for Siblings Together

It's incredible to think that the 2017 Siblings Together camps are nearly here.
The dates are: 28th July - 5th August
                  18th - 26th August
                     20th - 28th October

Lots of lovely quilters have been, and still are, busying away making quilts for the children.

We would love to share lots of photos and stories about the quilts so if anyone has any stories to share please do let us know. A photo and a quick description of the quilt details will be fine.

Here is a quilt I've made.

The centre of the quilt is a block I made a few years ago and although I love it, it's been sat in a drawer so I decided to put it to good use as the centre of a medallion quilt.
Most of the square in a square blocks were kindly donated by my friend Fran  and I made a few more to make up the numbers. The piano keys border is such a quick and easy border which I've used a few times.

This picture is the back of the quilt. The square in a square blocks were made for a border for the front but I decided they weren't right so used them on the back instead. As all quilt makers know, fabric is expensive so although pieced backs take longer they are a great way of using scraps to make up a backing particularly for a charity quilt. They add some extra interest too. 

I hope a young lady will enjoy and find some comfort in this quilt.