Thursday, 21 March 2019

Siblings together start furtling

Hello there I thought it was about time I do more with this blog so here goes. 

I’ll try to keep you all updated with what we are doing above and beyond our IG account feed, give more of the story than is possible on Instagram and also link up with my furtling friend archiewonderdog.


So March has been a lot about making progress with the January mini block drive request that I’ve called #expandinguniversequilt.  I asked for one 6” friendship star block from all those contributing to our campaign, past, present and a few starting in the future!   I hope everyone will enjoy seeing their star in our quilt at Festival of Quilts.  And please take photos!  

I’m almost there I think ...with the top anyway!

And at the last session of Sussex Sewing Club I was just talking about the need for fund raising to cover the entry fee and wondering how I would get the quilt there (my quilts last year were sent by courier and insured - that cost quite a bit ) and the ever lovely and generous supporter of our cause, Carolyn Forster kindly just gave me the money to cover the entry fee!  She is just a lovely person.  

Viv and Trudi are still looking for more stacked coin blocks all through March and April - so please send their requested block to Viv - information on The Purple Stitches website and Trudi’s too.  All one graduated colour...and almost any colour

I am looking forward to teaming up with Kate Ng in May to add a different design to our mini block drive series.   

We are not trying to change every month now - it was just too much - but will try to bring something different every three months.  We’d be thrilled if you would join us.


Quilts keep coming in to my house.  I picked up lots at the Thread House Retreat in January, I got a few more from Trudi and Viv when I met them recently at Eternal Maker.   

Then at the sewing group I now run in Horsham : Horsham Stitchers,  I met Sue Blake and Suzanne Foster who both handed over lots of quilts. 

I really need to catch up with washing and labelling where needed and get these quilts ready to hand over to the charity.   We are well on our way to meeting our target of 100 quilts if not busting it!  It would be great to hand over extra quilts as last year Delma was able to offer quilts to young people who had left the care system but didn’t get the chance to receive one of our quilts.  The quilts do help make a difference to their young lives.  

I still remember one 50 year old that received a quilt saying that all her life she had been told that no one cared about her and her quilt made her feel validated for the first time.  No one should have to wait that long or feel that way - it still brings tears to me eyes.  It’s why what we do is so very important, so please do continue to make these beautiful quilts that shine a bit of light on these lives.

Thank you for all you have done, for all you do and hopefully all you will continue to do.


I have been inspired to put a few quilt tops together from orphan blocks and scraps ...

A couple have been adopted themselves to be completed by Francis Paul (bottom left), and Marion (Noiram98) (the one with butterflies) but as you can see there are more...if you would like to volunteer to quilt and finish one or more that would be absolutely fantastic!

If there is anything you want to find out about please ask questions both here and on our Instagram page.  If I don't know I'll try to find out!