Thursday, 17 March 2016

Suzanne's Siblings Together Quilt Story.

Suzanne has already sent her quilt to Siblings Together for the 2016 camps. I'm sure you'll agree what a lovely, cheerful quilt it is. 


Over to Suzanne to tell is about the quilt.

"I sent at least one quilt last year.  I love to sew and as my family and friends have all the quilts they could possibly want, donating some to a good cause is a great thing to do.

The bright patterned pink fabric came from Paris – sent by a friend who knows how much I love to sew. She thought the colour was perhaps a little outside my comfort zone. After Christmas, I finally decided to do something with the fabric and used some muted pinks from my stash to complement the bright patterns. The resulting quilt is very pleasing - it has certainly brightened up the winter evenings for me."

We would love to hear your Siblings Together quilt stories so do let us know if you would like to contribute


  1. What a lovely quilt. Very unusual design which shows off the pinks so well.

  2. Great quilt Suzanne! Thank you so much for making it - I'm sure it will be loved!

  3. This is beautiful.... a lovely quilt xx

  4. So so pretty but then I love all quilty things in pink. It's truly delightful :)