Thursday, 14 April 2016

Siblings Together Bee quilt story.

My Siblings Together Bee quilt for 2016 is finished (apart from the label which I really must do). The block I chose this year used the Patchwork Wheel tutorial by Don't Call Me Betsy. I decided on a scrappy style in colours appropriate for a girl. As usual by bee mates sent some gorgeous blocks. There's a huge variety of different fabrics in the quilt and apart from individuals using the same fabric more than once there were no duplicates. It goes to show what a large variety of fabrics are available for us quilters to be tempted by.
Big thanks go to my generous bee mate Joanne Jones for sending me the binding as she knows I'm not a great fan of binding making. I hope a young lady who is given the quilt at one of the Siblings Together camps in the summer will love it.

If you would like to be involved with making a quilt for Siblings Together but can't comit to a whole quilt then have a look at Nicky's previous post about donating quilt as you go blocks.



  1. Bravo Maria! it looks lovely and I'm sure it will be treasured!

  2. It's gorgeous, Maria - really can't understand your aversion to binding - I love it!!

  3. Stunning - well done to you and your bee mates!