Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Mowbray Quilters

The Mowbray quilters of Thirsk, North Yorkshire have generously made and sent eight wonderful quilts to Siblings Together for this years camps.

Many thanks go to Pauline Gacal for sending the photos and to the ladies of Mowbray Quilters for supporting our campaign for 100 quilts for Siblings Together.

At the time of writing we have 87 linked quilts. Fantastic! Take a look at our "Quilt Link Up" page above to see all the wonderful quilts and don't forget to link your quilt too!

Siblings Together have asked that if possible we send the quilts via Royal Mail rather than by courier. The reason being that their office is manned during office hours and Royal Mail deliver within these hours. Sometimes courier companies deliver outside of these hours and if there is no one in the office to receive the parcel it is taken away by the courier company and it is sometimes difficult to get the parcel re-delivered. Thanks.

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