Sunday, 30 September 2018

New project for Siblings Together! Please read on....

At the Siblings Together Quilt Group we love to think of new ways for people to join in making quilts for the charity Siblings Together.   If you want to know our history as a group please find out about that here.

We have now got seven bees up and running which is marvellous ( thank you Jenny, aka @thelilaccat for all her hard work in keeping those going) but what if you cannot commit to making blocks every month ? 

Our answer is to join our Siblings Together Mini Block Drive 

We will introduce a Quilt Mama of the Month on our blog on or around the first day of the month and provide a link to information about the blocks she/he is asking for.  

This will probably be on the Mama's feed/blog not here so that you can get answers to any questions you may have.   We might run the same block for two months or change each month - this is still to be finalised. 

So you can start each month with a nice easy block to get your sewing mojo going.  You can join in every time or you can opt in whenever you have can.  

You can make one block or as many as you wish, in the colourway requested.  

When your blocks are complete please contact the Quilt Mama of the Month direct who will tell you where to send them.  We are hoping to receive enough blocks each time to make one or two quilts or possibly even a third!  

If you like the idea of the quilt so much that you’d like to finish one off for us then please shout out and blocks can be sent to you.  Otherwise our Quilt Mama of the Month will make the quilt top(s) and we will arrange for the quilt to be finished. 

We are hoping you will enjoy this new way of helping and being part of our community.  We could not make all the quilts we need without you - every little bit helps ! 

So when is this all starting ?  

...on 1st October with our Quilt Mama of the Month Tricia who you can find on Instagram @yondergirlie!   She is raring to go and introduce you to two blocks which will make a fabulous quilt or two for #100quiltsforsiblingstogether.   

Please be sure to support her and the wonderful children who receive quilts from us.  

Any questions?  Do ask but as this is totally new to us please bear with us as we iron out the wrinkles.

Our schedule for the coming year is as follows:

October Tricia @yondergirlie
November Tricia @yondergirlie
December - winter break
January Nicky @nickyeglinton
February Nicky @nickyeglinton
March Maria @sewlovetosew
April tbc
May tbc
June tbc 
July tbc
August - summer break
September tbc

As you can see there are a few spots to be confirmed - if you would like to take a month please do contact us to see what is involved.

Many thanks and I'm looking forward to seeing all those wonderful blocks and how they become quilts. 

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