Wednesday 24 February 2016

Link Up your Finished Quilts for Siblings Together 2016

One of our pages, the one with the tab 'Quilt Link Up' is where we will be counting up the finished quilts kindly made and donated by you, the wonderfully supportive quilting community in this year's campaign to donate 100 quilts to Siblings Together.

My Scraptastic friend Leanne set it up for us - thank you so much Leanne!

Can you please add a link from a blogpost, from Flickr or Instagram.  Instructions on how to do this are on the 'Quilt Link Up' page. 

If you do not have any of these social media, and do not wish to, then please email us a photo and some words and we can put a guest post together on this blog on your behalf and link for you.

We really want to know about all the quilts being made for Siblings Together this year so please be our eyes and ears and tell us about any that haven't been linked or tell the quiltmaker about us!

We would ask , when you send your quilt onto the charity Siblings Together, that you mark your quilt label and packaging with your linky number to help identify your quilt - please write Linky Number x!  

That way we hope the Siblings Together charity will easily be able to identify your quilt and let you know it has arrived safely.  If you are like me I get a bit agitated not knowing if something I have made has arrived or not!

Thanks for all your support in this year's campaign.  We really want things to work out as smoothly as possible for everyone involved so if there is a problem do let us know and we will try to resolve it.  

And you can help us spread the message around by putting this button on your blog page 

Siblings Together Quilt Linky Party


  1. Nicky, is there a standard label we should use or can we make our own? And is there a deadline for the quilts>

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