Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Siblings Together Quilting Bee - February block request

Hannah is Queen Bee for February and this is what our Queen wants:

"We're making 4 patch snowball blocks measuring 16.5" unfinished.

Limited colour palette please of reds, blues and greys. Any reds and greys are fine and any blue from pale powder blue through to dark navy but true blue rather than aqua please.

This is Joanne's block from Instagram:

I don't mind what prints particularly but nothing too fugly or novelty please as they are biggish cuts so will be noticable. For my background I will be using Kona Snow but any solid white or off white will do just nicely!

The instructions will make one 16.5" 4 patch snowball block. Last time I added an extra row and column to the quilt so if anyone wants to make any extra lonely 8.5" blocks I'd be very grateful. That is optional though!

Instructions as follows then:

From each of four different prints in a limited colour palette please – reds, blues and greys:
Cut 1 square, 8 1/2” for a total of 4

From 2 strips 3” by WOF of white/ off white neutral (I used Kona snow):
Cut 16 squares, 3”

Making The Snowball Blocks:
Take 1 print 8 1/2” square and one solid 3” square marked with a diagonal line.
Place the solid 3” square RST on the top right corner of the print 8 1/2” square.
Pin in place. Sew along the marked line. Repeat with each of the other 3 print 8 1/2” squares and with the other 3 corners of all 4 print squares.
Trim each corner 1/4” from the sewn line and press seams open or to the darker side.
This will give 4 individual snowball blocks 8 1/2” unfinished.
Lay them out into a block of 4.
Sew the top 2 blocks together and press the seam to the right. Sew the bottom 2 blocks together and press the seam to the left.
Sew the top and bottom rows together, locking the centre seam and press to make a 4–patch snowball block 16 1/2” unfinished.

That's it!

Hannah x

Please contact Hannah first before you send your blocks!

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