Monday, 8 February 2016

Publicise your Siblings Together event

Are you planning to hold an event in aid of our campaign to make 100 quilts for Siblings Together?

Maybe you have a quilt shop with a workshop space and want to hold a community based quilt or block drive for the charity?

Perhaps you are part of a group of quilters or guild and would like to host an event for Siblings Together?

We have now created  a poster on google docs  that you can download, copy and amend to publicise your Siblings Together event!

It looks like this....

100 Quilts for Siblings Together

This is a campaign run by the Siblings Together Quilt Group to provide quilts for children in the UK Care System.

We coordinate the supply of quilts to the registered charity Siblings Together.  The charity arranges holiday camps and day events in the UK to ensure that children in the care system, who are not always placed with their siblings, can retain these crucial family bonds.  The quilts are presented to the children as a reminder of the times shared with their siblings.

Please make quilts suitable for boys and girls, 7-17 years old, measuring 50” min. - 80”max, square or rectangular.

Send completed quilts to: Siblings Together, 351 Southwark Park Road, London, SE16 2JW

For further information about the charity, please visit

For further information about the 100 quilts for Siblings Together, please visit:

Join our event for Siblings Together!

What we are doing:



So if you have a venue: a quiltshop workshop space; a guild meeting room; a retreat space,  please use this poster to let everyone know what you are doing and when.

If you are a customer/member of any of the above please alert your venue owner/leader to the campaign and organise a stitching session, a quilt drive, a block drive to make quilts for Siblings Together!  

Thank you for your support!

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