Thursday, 18 February 2016

Quilt Story - Around The World for Siblings Together

 I love receiving packages.  Sometimes I receive orphan blocks in the post from some kind generous person to make a quilt for siblings together.  Recently I received some trip around the world blocks from Cathy Ewbank - she is a lovely lady I met in person while making a dilly bag with Judy Newman.

Now these blocks have some friends from my lovely siblings together bee mate Joanne !   

And Merel, who runs a quilt shop called Birdblocks, in Amsterdam, sent some more....

I found some lovely fabric donated by Sarah/Jude through the #siblingstogetherdestash on Instagram which was perfect to back the quilt.  And then it was done!

  The ladies donating blocks and fabric to this fabulous cause are so lovely and supportive of our efforts - we really couldn't do it without them.   

I am happy to do my bit stitching it all together so we can notch up another quilt closer to our 100 quilt target this coming year.

I really seem to enjoy these collaborative efforts and along with my bee quilts it seems I hardly ever make a quilt on my own now!

If you have some unwanted blocks you can donate them - just leave a comment and we will be in touch. We also hope to have another destash so that is another option to pass them on.

 Or you might find renewed purpose and finish off the quilt yourself.  Please let us know you are making a quilt for Siblings Together.  

If you have photos of your project we would love to share them here on the blog and we welcome guest blog posts so everyone can share in the project.



  1. This is brilliant - believe it or not I have a couple of orphan blocks from testing my latest Welsh Quilt Blanket pattern

  2. A lovely quilt and what a great story as to how it came about. Well done, Nicky for putting all the blocks together and well done to all the kind ladies who contributed blocks and backing fabric.

  3. Wonderful women, wonder quilt!!!